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Click here to download a PDF catalog of "most" of the product that we've been fortunate enough to publish or distribute over the years. Any thoughts or suggestions about the catalog? Feel free to tell us.

Contact Info
Chris Pitzer / AdHouse Books
3905 Brook Road
Richmond, Virginia 23227-4103

Shows & Festivals We Enjoy Attending...
In a somewhat chrono-order:
• TCAF • Toronto, Ontario... more info.
• HeroesCon • Charlotte, NC... more info.
• Small Press Expo • Bethesda, MD... more info.
• Richmond Zine Fest • Richmond, VA... more info.
• Cartoon Crossroads Columbus • Columbus, OH... more info.

• MICE • Cambridge, MA... more info.

Submission Policy
First off, realize that we are a small press outfit. Because of that, we do not have the resources to publish more than we think we should. So, we tend to be pretty selective in what we do choose. If you're still interested, here's some thoughts...

1. Does the work "feel" like AdHouse. That doesn't mean it has to look like Ethan Rilly's work, or read like a Sophie Goldstein book. There's just a tone to most of our work that relates.

2. Only submit finished (drawn) or near (75%) complete work. I'm not serious, unless you're serious. And when I say complete, that means a writer working with an artist. I'm more visual.

3. Include a cover letter with email or a SASE if you want items returned. Understand that I'm only going to get back to you in a timely fashion if my schedule allows, or if I'm "wowed" by your work.

4. If you decide to submit by email, do NOT include attachments that exceed 5mb in total. I don't need my inbox bursting at the seems. If your file is larger, feel free to provide a link for download or online viewing.

There's lots of information about submission policies out there by other comic companies. Read them.


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